What is Jordin's problem?

9 September 2008

I still cannot get over the fact that she just put her foot in her mouth in front of millions of viewers. Just like that! I still cannot believe it.
She is most likely gonna fall on her ass or receive some mayor backlash for this in the future. I mean when her own sex-tape finally comes out.

I'm all for abstinence so don't get me wrong but it is a personal choice you make for yourself and it is nobodies business except maybe your partner's. It's not something you should broadcast like that. It's as tacky as those people who walk around telling everyone how often they shag and how many people they have shagged. It's tacky and shows how little respect you have for yourself.
It's a private matter girl, wear your ring if you want do but don't judge others who choose not to adhere to your believes.

Calling people who do not agree with you sluts is not the way to go at all.
I mean I practice abstinence and I don't wear a ring, in Jordin's words I am a slut, just like that. Does this girl even know the English language?
I can make a mistake like that because English is my second language but come on, Jordin!?
I'm sure you can get your hands on a dictionary to look up the word.
It's not that hard love. I'll give you one tip it's in section "S". The same section that contains the word SEX.

In closing I would like to say:
Some people are virgins, deal with it!
Some people are not, deal with it!
Just don't rub anybodies face it and we'll be okay.

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